Dale Hoban

Dale Hoban

Involved with the following projects:

    Education: 3rd year Mechanical Engineering

    Contact Email: dalehoban@gmail.com

    I am a third year Mechanical Engineering student with my specialization being in Mechatronics. I have always had an interest in mechanical systems, but I have a passion for operating mechanical systems through the application of electronics and programming. I recently completed an 8 month co-op work term at the BC Cancer Agency Cyclotron Lab, where I had the chance to work with some amazing technology. I learned more advanced techniques for programming, and had the chance to assist in the design of complex circuitry. I also created many designs in Solid Works for the Lab. Since my arrival to Open Robotics, I have been involved in numerous projects. Some of the more significant accomplishments were getting the motors operational, testing different methods of sensory input, and implementing a basic remote control over the robot for the purpose of public demos.