Derek Jonathan Schaper

Education: 3rd Engineering Physics, Mechatronic Option

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I was born to create. Whether it be carpentry, sketching, filming, music, designing, or programming, I love to see ideas brought to life. This is what led me into engineering, and it is through engineering that I hope not only to make things, but make a difference.

As the years have gone on, I have found myself drawn into the world of robotics. I see a great potential for robots to fit in to society at all levels, especially technology that directly interacts with humans. Just imagine it: prostheses that interface with the body's neural system so seamlessly it's as if the real limb were there, exoskeletons that make it possible for spinal injury patients to walk again, mechanical surrogates that can keep the controller out of harm's way in dangerous jobs.

Open Robotics is another canvas to paint on as I push forward on this path - learning, creating, and dreaming.

Check out the Oculus Rift Integration project!