Kakit Cheung

Kakit Cheung

Involved with the following projects:

Position: Project Coordinator

Education: Engineering Physics (4th year)

Employment: General Fusion - Summer 2016


I was a member of the original team back when it was called Thunderbots@Home during my first year at UBC in 2012. I started the Vex UBC robotics team, which competed in the Vex World Championships in 2014, but have since merged Vex with Open Robotics. Now I am the project coordinator for Open Robotics, where I help connect students to the things they want to work on and manage our roster of ongoing projects.

My background is in all kinds of robotics, with experience in a broad range of skills from mechanical design to electrical work to software. I like robots, building things, technology, video games, cartoons, and tabletop RPGs. I guarantee that I'm not a robot... *boop*