Jonathan Moore

Position: Founder, Senior Advisor

Education: 4th Year Engineering Physics

Employment: Schneider Electric - Solar Division

Contact Email:


As a student engineer, I am extremely excited about advancements in AI. This excitement has motivated me to lead the development of the V2 robotic platform. The goal of V2 is to provide a robust system for students to implement algorithms and enable the machine to interact with its environment.

To date, I've completed work terms at Schneider Electric, Novadaq Technologies, and Boreal Genomics. During these placements, I was mentored on topics such as design, experimentation, and effective communication. In addition, prior to my pursuit of a university degree, I was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces.

My objective is simple: create value and learn as much as possible. In addition, I hope to provide a welcoming environment for others to do the same.