Devon Wayne Ash

Position: Founder, Software Architect

Education: 2nd Year BSc. Computer Science, University of British Columbia

Employment: Clearpath Robotics

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Personal Site

I joined Thunderbots@Home in 2012 at the end of my first year of university. There I learned lot about machine learning, AI, and robotics software development. The team worked hard towards a goal of creating a humanoid robot for the @Home competition. Earlier this year, we turned it into the Open Robotics student team with a new spin on the goals and our objectives.

I stopped pursuing a BSc in computer science at the University Of British Columbia in April, 2014 to work at Clearpath Robotics in Kitchener, Ontario. There, I work as a developer and maintainer for the Willow Garage PR2 robot, and a good source of knowledge for anything ROS related. My hobbies include studying recent developments in machine learning and AI, particularly deep learning, and implementing them on robots. I'm interested in meeting and connecting with anyone who is interested in any of the fields mentioned above.

My long term goal is to send robots to Mars and colonize it for human habituation. There are a couple of things that need to happen in order for this to work.

  • The robots must have a way to travel to Mars.
  • The robots must semi-autonomously construct perpetual and sustainable infrastructure that is human habitable.
  • The system must be reproducible and sustainable.

(1) is not anything new, but will need customization dependant on the structures that will travel. But currently, (2) and (3) are my main focus. Where do you wish to see robots? Space? Underwater? In the air? message me :-) (