Joey Limmena

Joey Limmena

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    Education: 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics Option)


    I am a mechanical engineering student specializing in the mechatronics option. All my life, I've been fascinated with design and technology, leading me to pursue visual arts and graphic design from a young age. After founding my High School robotics club and competing twice at the regional VEX tournament in Taiwan, there was no doubt in my mind that engineering was the path for me. In my free time, I am also an electronic music producer and DJ by the name of 'Young Modulus'. Since arriving at UBC, I've been involved in the founding of the early UBC EDM club (formerly the Night Club of UBC) as well as the Urban Greenhouse Project (a smaller, personal initiative). I've recently worked as lead instructor at the Digital Media Academy during the summer, teaching kids how to code, use an Arduino and make electronic music. This is my first year with Open Robotics. Soundcloud: