Open Robotics Website


Started: 2014-08-16
Finished: 2014-09-01

As Open Robotics got its feet on the ground, it became apparent that a powerful web presence would help further the initiative. With the design work laid down, development of the site began.

Twitter bootstrap was the framework of choice, because it allows for well structured websites that transition seamlessly to mobile platforms.

When it was decided to add user editable content to the website in the form of project pages, a blog and training pages, a database and server side scripting became necessary. MySQL and PHP were chosen for their ease of use, performance and abundance of support.

The next step was to build the database schema and create PHP scripts for registering, authenticating, and "logging in" users and checking their sessions to create a reliable and secure back end.

With the database and schema in place the front facing pages of the site were drafted, pulling content from the databases with PHP. Next came the CMS (Content Management System) pages. These provide a bit of a challenge as it isn't easy to design an effective UI. It came together nicely though, using AJAX to update the database with the newly created content.

While the main site is running and fully functional, minor changes and bugfixes are being made as called for.