Open Robotics @Home Competition


Started: 2012-09-09
Ongoing project

The main focus of Open Robotics is to build cool robots; that's a given. In doing so, we strongly believe in directing the effort of many talented students to produce an awesome humanoid robot. This robot will be used to compete in the RoboCup@Home competition for 2016.

(i) Check out the competition guide

(ii) and the official rulebook for @Home

In addition, there are a couple other things to know about the competition. To attend, UBC Open Robotics will first

(1) Complete pre-registration
(2) Ensure we meet the qualifications
(3) Have all members know and understand the rules and competition guidelines as set out in (i) and (ii)
(4) and lastly.. we'll be creating a super cool arena somewhere on campus that mimics the competition arena.