Pan Neck and Tilt Head


Started: 2014-11-20
Ongoing project

Our robot will use a pan-tilt head. This project includes the physical design and implementation, interfacing with hardware, and integration into the software. The project consists of three main parts: the neck, the head and the faceplate. The neck has been designed and fabricated. It uses a servo motor and is capable of 360 motion. The top plate will interface with the head, and transfers all head weight onto a lazy susan bearing. It also has a unique feature to protect the expensive servo from external forced rotation. The elastics will absorb most of the energy from a sudden rotation. The head has two shelves to contain the cameras for oculus rift integration, and the Xbox Kinect. These also contain extra space for any addition microphones or sensors. The faceplate is purely for aesthetics. It leaves enough room for sensors to do their job but also give the robot a friendly look.