V1 - Shoulder


Started: 2013-09-01
Finished: 2013-11-15

The mechanical shoulder joint enabled a simple rotational DOF of the arm. Constraints considered for this design were the following: interfacing between the preexisting arm/ torso, deformations of the joints and supports, speed/ torque requirements of the actuator, inertial moments exerted by the rotating arm, and position feedback of system.

The V1 shoulder was fabricated and integrated into the robot, but ultimately it failed due to the destruction of the planetary gearbox. Post failure analysis concluded that the inertial moments produced at the end of the arm carrying a large payload were too great and resulted in part failure. This failure highlights the importance of large safety factors for mechanisms exposed to a large range of uncertain events.

For a future revision, a more robust actuation method in conjunction with a jerk protection mechanism should be implemented.