Team Re-Branding


Started: 2014-05-01
Ongoing project

A strong, cohesive brand helps unify a student team and makes it appear more professional to future employers. Moving away from the Thunderbots @Home title, Open Robotics needed a new look.

The first task was designing a new logo. The final decision includes all components of the team: wrenches represent the mechanical aspect, the circuitry represents software, and the lightning bolt symbolizes the electrical side of things. It was designed to be only 3 colors, and therefore easy to reproduce, memorable, easily scalable, and to work on any color background.

Next up was the brochure featured on the About page. It aimed to be professional and engaging.

The business cards went through numerous iterations before being printed. The final choices fit well with the theme, and also feature our new slogan.

Lastly, I provided creative direction for the website.

All work can be viewed on the Open Robotics online portfolio: Open Robotics on Behance