Summer 2015 Software Simulation Projects


Started: 2015-06-10
Ongoing project

Improving The Simulator

This summer we are looking to drastically improve the simulator for the 2015 group of students that are starting in September to learn on and build off of. Here are a list of improvements to add for summer 2015:

  1. Full URDF Model of the robot
  2. MoveIt Integration after having a full URDF model of the robot
  3. STL's for all parts in the robot
  4. Accurate and stable constants for the robot description (inertia, friction values, mass, PID parameters)
  5. Teleoperation of the arm and head
  6. Sensor integration (kinect and LIDAR)
  7. Map pack creation
  8. Navigation and mapping
  9. Tutorials on how to use the simulator and everything that it comes with